9 little clumberspaniels were bore October 4.th 2016.

Groomingday for the A-litter


 We are a little serious and dedicated Kennel. We will do our very best to breed healthy and harmonic clumber spaniels. 

  • DEVDHJCH, DKCH, DEVDHCH Chervoods Snow Beat Of Cyron (Alma)

    Dam. Chervood`s Snow Beat of Cyron
    HD.A AA:0
    Eyes: Clear

    Cockerpets Clumber Spaniel, Alma, Chervood´s Snow Beat Of Cyron and
    Tweedsmuir Dambuster, Miller
    7 Boys and 2 girls were born thursday night

  • The girls

    This is our beautiful girls after Alma

  • Best friends

    Aslan sleeping with his best friend

  • DKCH DEVDHCH Chervoods Snow Beat Of Cyron

  • The Italien border Splügen VDS 2015